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In General on October 21, 2008 at 12:44 AM

I belong to a group of bloggers. My current active friends are bloggers. Bloggers from all walks of life.. of all gender, of different niches.

Whenever someone asks me what blogging is, i give a standard answer,

Blogging was once a personal online journal now transformed as a powerful media where bloggers, those who writes the articles in a blog, express their feelings and thoughts that serves as guide to those who reads it.

I first blogged in 2002. It was just to experience what the new technology is about and what it can offer. Now, I maintain different blogs with diverse topics such as technology, mobile, locale, photography, etc. It is my way to de-stress and re-stress.

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Jenifer Bedoya

In current events on October 20, 2008 at 1:02 PM

Only a few people knew who Jenifer Bedoya was. But now, people from all over the country is like his relative. The day i heard that he died in a foreign country by death penalty, was the day i knew Jenifer. The TV anchorman even made it clear that Jenifer was a HE.

He has the story of a typical Filipino overseas worker. But what was strange was how he was sentenced to die. According to news reports, and based from the interviews from his parents and loved ones, Jenifer was imprisoned and was given the most brutal of all penalties of a prisoner because he killed an Arab.. That Arab was trying to rape him. He was defending himself so that he won’t suffer the fate of other male pinoys in Saudi Arabia who has been raped by the local men. For it seems it is a big sin for them to touch or rape their women than the same sex. I’ve heard stories such as these before. But none of those whom I know would confide with me if they had personally experienced such.

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