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In General on October 21, 2008 at 12:44 AM

I belong to a group of bloggers. My current active friends are bloggers. Bloggers from all walks of life.. of all gender, of different niches.

Whenever someone asks me what blogging is, i give a standard answer,

Blogging was once a personal online journal now transformed as a powerful media where bloggers, those who writes the articles in a blog, express their feelings and thoughts that serves as guide to those who reads it.

I first blogged in 2002. It was just to experience what the new technology is about and what it can offer. Now, I maintain different blogs with diverse topics such as technology, mobile, locale, photography, etc. It is my way to de-stress and re-stress.

It was always my intention to share my knowledge through blogs. I like the idea and feeling of helping people by sharing what i know to those interested in knowing it. That’s why my first true blog has the subtitle “read what’s in my mind”. I want my readers to read what i read and to also learn what i have learned.

Time has never been a problem for me. I blog whenever i want to. But I see to it that i blog once everyday on my active blogs. This is to retain my readers. I blog in the office, at home, in transit, or wherever and whenever i feel like doing so.

Blogging tools are abound.. from blogging platform to social networking sites, to gadgets that you can use. WordPress, blogger, TypePad, just three popular blogging platforms out there. You can also have a blog in multiply, at friendster, two well known social networking sites. Laptops, mini notebooks, tablet PCs, and even mobile phones are being used to blog.

Nowadays, it is not that hard to start a blog of your own compared when blogs and blogging was just starting. No one was giving much attention to it. Now, it has become as user friendly as it can be. Even the popular news web sites use blogging platforms to bring news to their readers. Its easy and simple that even a grade school pupil can put up his or her own blog.

And even that grade school pupil can start earning money at that young age. One is through advertisements in the blog. Those earning from their blogs are called professional bloggers or Pro-bloggers. I know some blogger friends who have been earning a lot of blogging that they decided to concentrate on blogging as their sole profession.

It’s becoming the new means of advertising as ordinary people are starting to be internet citizens – netizens – spending more and more time online and using the diverse functions of the internet. That is why  companies are now making their presence felt in the online world.

Products and service reviews are also one of the means to earn. Bloggers have a difficult task of providing balanced reviews. I’ve been doing this for a while now. It crossed my mind that i should post more about the good stuff than the bad side. But later on i found out that readers would like to know more.. they want to know everything. And if you want to really help, then give not only the best of what the product or service can give, but also what it can’t.

Could you imagine what it would be like if all bloggers are pro-bloggers? Yes, they could even start killing each other. That’s the worst i could think of.

But really, bloggers belong to one big family, they need each other to survive. I don’t think any blogger can say that he can blog alone or be the sole blogger of a specific topic or niche. Its the opinion that counts and how you persuade or dissuade your readers on a topic. Bloggers may have differences in opinion, but you can count on a blogging community in times of crisis when unity is the key to success.

I’ve seen how bloggers and blog readers “join blogs” for a single cause. I’ve joined in several instances. And based from the results, it has proven to be effective. Its that effective that it can bring progress or destruction to whoever goes in its path. When bloggers unite, its like a cloak that can protect you or like a samurai that could wipe you out instantly.

Blogs and bloggers may work for or against you. As a blogger, you should be responsible for whatever i write and the consequences that it entails. And so I always make it a point to express what i feel, good or bad and provide suggestions to counter the negative aspects of my blog posts.

Blogging entails a lot of time and discipline. You should always base what you write on facts and on what you know. But in times when what you know is not be right,  you should know when to accept the truth and inform your readers about it.

And so my dear readers, i encourage you to blog.. share what you know and help other people be informed understand the things around them.


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