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Overcrowded MRT

In General on February 3, 2009 at 6:03 AM

Its tru that the more people, the better for business. As in the case of our Metropolitan Railways Transit or MRT, the more passengers, the higher the profit. And the quicker loans, debts, and taxes can be paid by the MRT Management.


But has it come into anyone’s mind that there’s danger in overcrowded trains?

Whenever I’m in Manila, it’s seldom that i won’t use the MRT if i’ll go from one place to another. That’s why i bought my own GPASS, that eventhough it’s slighly more expensive that the normal MRT fare, i’d prefer to use it just to have a slight advantage over the others that would rather fall in line for 20 minutes just to buy an MRT ticket.

After falling in line for that long, you’ll have to wait even further for the next train to come. However, MRT coaches are full 65 % of the time during off pic hours and expect an overcrowded MRT train during peak hours.

How overcrowded is it?

If you happen to be at Ayala, Buendia, Guadalupe, Edsa Shangrila, and Ortigas station.. and you are yet to board the train, once the train doors open, you’ll feel like all the juice in your body is being squeezed out. LIke you’re being flattened. Its like everyone is pushing you inside the coach while those inside don’t even bother to move an inch.  So how about if you’re going out of the train? Like if you’re going out in Ortigas, Anapolis, and Boni stations. Good luck if you’ll get out on time. Or should i say.. if you get out alive!

It’s a good things that they now segregate the women, children and the disabled. But even in those areas, overcrowding is still a problem.

Why am i writing about this? You see, i remember what my mom used to say to me “too much is bad for you”. And in this case… it is. To much people is making the train slower and uses more power to pull itself.

How about safety and security? If someone will  jokingly shout “bomb” inside the train, surely a stampede will occur. If a bomb would actually explode, or if the train gets derailed, then more than the normal number of people will loose their lives. 

My fiance would always tell me that she’s survived another day in hell after riding the MRT.

Why can’t people  see the danger? I’m not putting the blame entirely on the management of MRT. Infact, they are doing the riding public a big favor by accommodating more that the capacity of the trains.

So what can we do about it? Here are my simple suggestions.

One, its surely looks like we have limited number of coaches or trains. Maybe we can add more trains during peak hours. I don’t think people will mind if the speed is slower than usual. At least they are not overcrowding and much safer.

Two, maybe we could device a scheme on just letting 10 passengers come inside every coach for every station. Or more passengers for identified stations where more people alight from the train like Cubao northbound, Buendia and Ayala southbound

Three, Let’s encourage the use of shuttle/garrage service / car pool. Let the government provide the vehicles – L300 and vans.

I’m pretty sure that the government and agencies will only give attention to this problem if something bad has happened. They’re ignoring this now because its not the issue at the moment. I say act now before its too late.

By the way,  If we have a no overloading law on vehicles, why doesn’t it apply on the MRT? Isn’t the MRT also a vehicle? Or maybe it’s a fruit?


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