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Nicole got Justice

In current events, General, Politics on March 18, 2009 at 11:19 AM

“Nicole,” said she is now conscience-stricken and now doubts if she was really raped by Daniel Smith.

Why Not? With all the pressures both here in the Philippines and from the United States… one would surely be bound to retract any firm statement that was laid down before. Common… its nothing new. We should have seen this happening during the first stages of the trial. Imagine, you going against the entire Philippine governement, the US Military and the US government for that matter. 

And with the perks and benefits that comes with you saying something that would make you look like a fool.. i think its worth it. These are the hard times my friend. And grabbing the opportunity to live a life different from what you’ve had before is a big thing and should be grabbed at once.

A woman knows when she has been raped. And there’s no such thing as “I don’t know if i was raped”. That’s a clear bull! I’m just furious about why Nicole had to drag us to this too far when she could have just ended it during araignement and saved us all from her fiction story telling.

Don’t be surprised now if you hear in the news: “I’m not Nicole”.

She may have been raped, but now that she’s left for the US, reported to be marrying a US citizen, and for sure now has sums of money, for me, i think she got the “justice” that she deserved.


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