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Singko tax on text

In General, Others, Politics on March 26, 2009 at 6:16 AM

They had a very hard time selling the 10 centavos tax on text messaging so they are bringing it down to 5 cents. That’s what  Congress – House of Representatives, thru Congressman Danilo Suarez of Quezon is proposing. 

Suarez said it is up to the companies to decide if they would shoulder half of the 10-centavo tax, but if they won’t, they can pass on only 2.5 centavos to the consumer.

“If the players would like to absorb it, then there is no problem. If they decide to pass it on to subscribers, it can be half-half, two-and-a-half centavos on the player and two-and-a-half centavos on the subscriber,” he said. – Source

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